Sage Grooming Products offers every person the opportunity to take pride in how they look. From the most ‘basic’ to the ‘advanced’ styles, everyone can feel and look comfortable with their own individual look, prompted by the usage of our easy, effective and ethical product range. All our products are listed and broken down in detail to allow you, the customer, full control over your desired finish. Each product also has its own directions of use to help you with manipulating the product to do what you want and to get the most out of it. Our styling products offer long lasting hold without the dirt, grease and damage to your hair, scalp or skin and all our products are ethical to nature, meaning, none of our products have been tested on animals and are all fully recyclable. Easy, effective and ethical, whilst delivering the perfect look and hold for you, every time.

Which Product Works for You?

Finding the product that works for you is never easy. This is because there are so many options to choose from. Most people also have a few ways that they enjoy wearing their hair and so allowing your products to have versatility is what we have aimed to do. We have selected multiple haircuts and styles and have added multiple descriptions of what products to use and directions to achieving the correct look. Remember, different hair types need different combinations and finding this will allow you to have complete satisfaction with your desired style. Here are some of the favourites with advice and management tips…

  • Cropped Top

    Cropped Top (4)

    Add 1cm2 of ‘MATTE CLAY’ to wet hair, blow-dry in with no nozzle and rub hair to dry with hands. Finish off with a dusting of ‘DUSTE MATTE’ and rub hair gently to create texture and natural hold
  • Curly/Wavy Fringe

    Curly/Wavy Fringe (4)

    Add 5 sprays of ‘SALT SPRAY’ to wet hair. Diffuse dry and then use a dusting of ‘DUSTE MATTE’ to create hold and texture.
  • Natural Slick Back

    Natural Slick Back (5)

    With or Without Waves – Add 5 sprays of ‘SALT SPRAY’ to wet hair along with 1cm2 of ‘MATTE CLAY’. Blow-dry with hand, starting from crown and moving forward. Set with hairspray.
  • Pompadour/Classic Parting

    Pompadour/Classic Parting (4)

    Add 5 sprays of ‘SALT SPRAY’ to wet hair and blow-dry with a brush or hand. Work in 2x1cm2 amounts of ‘POMADE’ and style. Set with hairspray
  • Textured Styles

    Textured Styles (4)

    Choppy Spikes/Fringe – Add a dusting of ‘DUSTE MATTE’ to dry hair and then use 1cm2 of ‘MATTE CLAY’. Rub both products into hair shaft gently to finish.
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